What’s in your Dry Bag;Todd Richey Edition

Card Board cut outs don't stand a chance.

Take a number ladies. Todd Richey; International Paddler, International Guide, Photographer, Carpenter, Man of Steel, All around Heart Throb…what more needs to be said?

As Spring runoff melts off the mountains, the man gives us a quick run down on what he keeps in his Ocoee watershed.

Todd the Bod, Shredding Zeta Rapid on the Futalefu

[In my Ocoee Watershed I keep a ]”Camera and camera equipment. The Futa Float gets a change of clothes in case the shuttle gets too distracted having a few beers and is late or a no show. A[n] apple and some hard cheese. Oh, and maybe a magazine or my kindle if I know I’m going to have a wait.”

Futa Dawn Patrol.
40 some kilometers by 11am and guiding by noon? No problem for the Dawn Patrol

There you have it. The man loves him some hard cheese, some good reading material, not to mention the sweet, soft touch of some cotton.



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